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Artificial Grass Installations

Artificial Grass is the future of a great looking garden, with time often a luxury in many households,
more and more people are turning to artificial turf for a low maintenance garden.

Cappasharrock Secret Garden Artificial Grass- Sun Drenched._edited.jpg
Pro Lawn- Vinca.jpg
Gaz Lawn_edited.jpg

Sundrenched Artificial Grass

Pro Lawn Vinca

Sundrenched 28mm
Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass Gallery: Products
Lano- Easy Lawn Rosemary.jpg
Easy Lawn Artificial Grass Rosemary.jpg

Cappersharrock Lazy Afternoon 30mm

Easy Lawn Rosemary by Lano

Easy Lawn Artificial Grass Rosemary 40mm

Artificial Grass Gallery: Products
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