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Carpet Installations

Lano Divine 100% Polypropylene 75oz 2 x ply saxony_edited.jpg
Lano Fascination 100% Eccelena 2 x ply heavy domestic twist_edited.jpg

Lano Soft Distinction Saxony

Lano Divine Saxony
100% Polypropylene

Lano Fascination
100% Eccelena twist

Carpet Gallery: Products
Polypropylene Flatweave_edited_edited.jpg

Polypropylene Flatweave

Clarendon Chigwell
Wool Berber

Lano Soft Distinction Saxony

Carpet Gallery: Products
Alternative Flooring- Seagrass_edited.jpg
Lano Soft Distinction saxony - 2_edited.jpg
Westex Major 80_20 Wool Twist- Kingfisher_edited_edited.jpg


Lano Soft Distinction Saxony

Westex Major 80/20 Wool Twist- Kingfisher

Carpet Gallery: Products
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