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LVT Flooring Collection

LVT Flooring Collection: Welcome

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) features authentic designs with deep embossing that creates the look and feel of real hardwood flooring. LVT also features a  Multi-Layer PU coating, Transparent hard decorative layer and High resolution décor film. Designs are extremely versatile with an Integrated underlay and available in a variety of unique colours, styles and finishes to compliment any interior.

Why pick LVT – here are the benefits:

  1. Cost – LVT is an affordable alternative to other flooring products, bringing luxury to your home at a friendlier price.
    No complicated subfloor preperation or acclimation required.

  2. Durability – Manufactured from robust materials it is shock resistant, catering for heavy foot traffic from pets and kids,
    it is also stable to heat and direct sunlight. 

  3. Insulates Sound – In comparison to other types of flooring, LVT is quieter to walk on.

  4. Versatile – Hard wearing, 100% waterproof and provides excellent grip and slip resistance making it great for
    kitchens and bathrooms.

  5. Warmth – Provides warmth, cushioned feel underfoot and is suitable for underfloor heating.

  6. Maintenance – Being hard wearing and stain resistant cleaning is easy to maintain with LVT.

  7. Innovative Design – The texture and finish of the design make it difficult to differentiate LVT from hardwood,
    as well as offering more striking designs such as: Mosaic and checked patterns.

  8. Lifespan – The average lifespan of LVT is 25-30 years depending on maintenance, traffic and location.

In summary why LVT:

·         Shock resistant

·         Tight and strong lock click system

·         Fit for all rooms

·         100% waterproof

·         Stable to heat and direct sunlight

·         Suitable for underfloor heating

·         Integrated underlay

·         Embossed surface

·         Stain resistant

·         Pets and kids friendly

·         Easy to maintain

·         No complicated subfloor preparation

·         No acclimation required

LVT Flooring Collection: Products
LVT Flooring Collection: Pro Gallery
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